Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Few Pictures...From Last Weekend

We have such a wonderful family. Our daughters love Hope so much and are such a blessing to her as they have always been to their proud Mom and Dad. These girls gave us the confidence to know that we really could raise another daughter. Thank you girls for being the beautiful confident precious young women who we treasure and adore.

Can you tell Hope is interested in that pizza?? She loves it!!
3 Beauties... Neice Sunnie Kay, Hope Marie, and Big Sister Carmen
Bethany keeps Hope laughing all the time...what a beautiful smile on your Big Sister Hope!!!!!!!

Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's House we go!!!!
Big Sister Misty feeding Miss Hope (or should I say Miss bottomless PIT) an apple!
She has them all wrapped around her little finger they'll do anything she wants!!

Coloring with my beautiful Big Sis..... Misty

Big Sister Carmen and Hope...notice the sucker...that is what the girls used to bribe her into their arms. It worked they are now Best Friends Forever!!
Bethany actually came armed with a new coloring book and colors bubbles to blow and the suckers today!! I'll fix that red eye tomorrow Beth!!
Check out this really cute outfit Big Sister Bethany found on sale at Dillards!!
Hope's cousin Lexingtion came for a first visit...she is such a cutie pie!!


amy said...

What wonderful pictures!

Anonymous said...

Hi! It is amazing the changes for the better in Hope. I do hope that she continues to grow. She seems to be quite taken with her new sisters and extended family.
Does she have anything to do with the boys, or maybe I had better ask if the boys are interested in making her aquaintance?
I am home from the hospital but do not have any strength yet. With the constant weather changes it will probably be May of June before I am completely over this bronchitis. Will try to get over there one weekend soon.
I sent Katy a balloon bouquet to the hospital Wednesday, she got a "blind" dog, Donald said. Ir Had to be blind with all the hair in its face. Tests turned out o.k. seems to bemental. PRAY FOR HER PLEASE.
Love to all, Aunt Jan