Monday, February 25, 2008

I Lubba Yeeou

Becky and I feel like we are dreaming at times. After two and a half years of waiting you would think that we would be prepared for the reality of having this precious little girl in our home. It is hard to believe that she is really here now. Many of the concerns that we anticipated have not been evident, and some that we never considered are. On the whole, we feel very blessed with how she is adjusting, it is better than we had hoped for.

The only negatives that we are dealing with are her fear and/or anger that she has sometimes in her car seat, her tendency to cling to us so closely, and….? Well, I forget what the third one was, seems like there was something else, but I can’t think of it right now.

Some things that are so precious are; Her spontaneous kisses.-
How she is such a clown and showoff. This we didn’t expect because the orphanage people described her as shy and introverted.- Her spontaneous kisses and displays of affection. Oh did I already say that? - How she says “I love you”. This we learned last night after everyone had gone home . It sounds kind of like, “I lubba yeeou” and sometimes, “I lubba yeeou to”.

We know that she doesn’t really understand what she is saying yet when she says I love you, but her eyes tell us that she really does already love us. Anyway, who wants to waste time trying to figure how what love is when you are too busy falling in love, being in love, and giving and receiving love?

1 Corinthians 13:8 Love never fails


Anonymous said...

Hi There Hope, I really enjoyed my viisit and watching you do all your little things to keep busy. I hope you enjoy your blanket.
Your bood ye hugs and kisses were just great.
Bud really enjoyed his visit.I'm not feeling too good to day, but what can you expect from a 75 year old gramma who is older than dirt. So one of my great grand sons told me when he was about 2 years old.
Thank you Becky for my gift from China. I will cherish it always.
When the weather levels out and I get all this bronchial tract cleared up, I'll return.
Bye the way, have you tried a booster seat instead of a car seat?
Love to all
Becky, Ronnie, Hope, Misti,Wade, Caleb, Tyler, Carmen, John, Bradley. Ben,Sonnie, Beth, and Jeff. Also Vickie
Always, Aunt Jan

Anonymous said...

I know I would be dreaming if it was me. I would need a reality check. I'm glad for you. You'll just have to hang in there with the car seat thing. Don't give in and take her out to ride. You'll have two big problems if you do. One if the police stop you that will be a BIG FINE two if you take her out to hold her she will think if I do this again they will take me out and hold me. She is smarter than you think. Never heard if Hope would like to come over and play with my broom and mop in my kitchen. Give her a big kiss and hug.