Monday, December 17, 2007

So Much To Share

There is so much I would love to share right now, a little something is preventing me from having much time to even think....Paperwork.......... and more Paperwork. As soon as we finish the really important things that have to be done I will tell you a few more tidbits we know about Hope. We will actually get a translated history soon are really looking forward to that and hopefully some updated pictures of our sweet little girl. God is so good. He knew exactly the little girl who needed us and put us together at the perfect time.

Promise more later. Tomorrow the last 2 packages will be mailed. One to the agency with more notarized documents and one to the Huainan Social Welfare Institute where Hope lives. We are sending some warm clothes and socks ( probably too big ) a couple of toys and some candy for the nannies. ( I do not think they give candy to the children...just not sure about that ) A couple of toys and books and disposable camera with hopes they will take some pictures of Hope in her surroundings and return those to us on the day Hope becomes forever a part of this large crazy wonderful family of ours. Please Please...take some pictures we want to have as much history about her first three years as possible.


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