Saturday, December 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Hope!!

December 12 was our little Hope's third birthday. We really wished we could have shared that special day with her but that was impossible and so we celebrated for her here in Texas. Her Grandma bought her a cute little "Peter Rabbit" book with little windows she can open and we bought her a book I love called "First Words." The weather was terrible here that day so we did not ask our girls to get out and come to celebrate with us. We made a cake and took some pictures so that Hope will know in the future that we were thinking of her and loving her on her birthday. A couple of pictures......We Love You Hope...Happy Birthday!!! Do we look a little tired...this has been a busy busy week. More paperwork and so much excitement!!!
Also we made a very small cake that we placed in the freezer, we plan to share that with one special little lady soon!!!!!!!!

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Amy said...

Happy Birthday Hope!