Friday, December 28, 2007

For All My Daughters

Caught by surprise

By the wave of emotion when I look in her eyes
What I long to see there as years go by

Tears of joy and gleam of laughter
Strength and peace and happy ever after

Guess I was never quite sure of my place in this world
Until I looked in the eyes of my little girl

I have been trying to put together these words for almost two years now. Actually since right after we started the adoption process. It became easier after we watched Hope's E-mail photo scroll down, starting with the crown of her head. It was a large photo and took several seconds to load. By the time her eyes were fully revealed, I was overwhelmed with the same emotions that I had been for each of my three older daughters. If you zoom in on Hope's picture in the yellow sweater with the pink bow, you can see a little tear below her left eye. Every dad wants to dry those tears of sadness and try to see that they don't come back.


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