Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Surrounded by Love

Here is a picture of our little Hope with her cousin Hope who she is named after. We all love you cousin Hope...so many memories and more good times to come. We pray that Hope Marie has the same love for life, family, and God that Shawna Hope has.

Carmen and Hope

Misty Doris and Bethany

My sister Doris and her husband Rick...Thank you for everything! We love you both.

Our wonderful daughters, Misty, Carmen, and Bethany along with wonderful sister Doris, her husband Rick, and their daughter Sarah staged a special party for Hope last Sunday. It was a welcome to Texas, America party for Hope and a “Meet Hope” party for our extended family and as many friends as we could get the word out to. They worked really hard and were completely successful in providing a memorable celebration of Hope becoming an American citizen and part of this great family circle.

We will be posting pictures for several days coming up, but there is a problem at Blogger at this moment. Also we are trying to get pictures to post of the shower given by Linda, Dwain, and Julie and the Living Word Sunday School class from our church. Hope has received an abundance of toys and clothing from these events plus so many individual gifts and cards.

I was thinking about it Sunday night after the party, how Hope must feel, going from a being a love starved orphan to being the center of attention, literally surrounded by an overflowing abundance of love. Isn’t that a pretty good picture of what happens when someone accepts Christ and becomes an adopted child of our Heavenly Father and part of His family?

Our Pastor quoted Christian author Max Lucado a couple of Sundays ago, “ If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it.” As Christians we should rejoice that we are no longer orphans.


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