Sunday, March 30, 2008

Easter Again!!

Becky here...I seem to have no time at all for posting or reading or anything....wonder why!! Anyway I wanted to share a few of my favorite Easter photo's and thoughts. First what a wonderful time of year. I love springtime. In Texas you can almost count on a very cold spell sometime close to Easter. This year we had rain a few days before and then it cooled off. My prayers were answered. I prayed for sunshine and not too cold with no rain for Grandma's big Egg Hunt, which by the way is a tradition from the time our older daughters were first hunting eggs and we just will not talk about how long ago that was...right girls!!

Of course all the focus is on the egg hunt and Easter baskets and such but in our family being together at church is our most favorite family tradition. This year was a wonderful year. All three of our older daughters and their husbands and children were with us at church. I'm not sure if I have shared this before but the first time I was able to be close enough to Hope to whisper in her ear I told her that Jesus loved her and that I came halfway around the world to tell her that and to be her Mom. That was always my plan...I wanted to learn that phrase in Chinese but soon found out I was not cut out to speak Chinese. I am so thankful for the gift of salvation that we celebrate each year at Easter.

Now on to the pictures. Anyone who has tried to take Miss Hope Marie's picture knows what a daunting task that is...for each time you see her looking at the camera there are approximately 10 pictures of her not looking at the camera. Thanks to Misty and Ronnie we were able to capture a wonderful group of photos to remember Hope's first Easter.

My favorite photo of Hope modified with a little photoshop fun...

Hope just after finding her cute basket in the tall grass outside on this chilly Easter morning. After church...notice the beautiful pearl bracelet. We bought it for her in China for her dedication but decided to let her wear it on this special occasion first. We are planned to have her dedicated sometime next month.
These shots were taken by Ronnie and Misty in Hope's room while I was cooking. They had a lot of fun and got some really cute pictures... Hope loves to get in her little toddler bed and pretend she likes to sleep there!! She has a big girl bed but we recently bought this at a garage sale and put it up in her room too. We thought she would be big enough for a regular bed but we got surprised...She is so tiny!!
Now I would not have allowed her to have that ring pop in her beautiful Easter dress but Dad and Misty seemed to think it was just fine!!
We found this cute little table and chairs at TJ Max. I thought it was just for kiddos to sit on while mom was shopping but Bethany said "Hey Mom this is for sale" I just hope that Hope does not get the idea that everytime she likes something we will load it up and bring it home like we did this day.
Cute purse huh...TJ Max again!!

Beautiful Sunnie Kay...growing up so fast!!!
She had a beautiful white bow in her hair in church but managed to get rid of it before pictures.
Bradley Ben and Sunnie at their Nanny's after church.

I wanted to post a couple of pictures of Misty's family and of Bethany and Jeff but that will have to wait. I cannot find the file on this computer that I put them in...and no time to search right now.....

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