Sunday, March 2, 2008

Miracle from Misty

The top picture is Hope's first bath, in the sink at the hotel in Hefei. She didn't like it very well and cried aloud and spared not before it was over. The middle picture is after the battle, I mean bath. We tried several different methods in the ensuing weeks but it was always an ordeal to bathe her. Last week Misty took on the challenge in earnest and spent some extended time getting her to play around the bath tub and eventually in it. Sunnie helped out by getting in the tub first and demonstrating how to have fun bathing. After about the third day Hope was having fun in the bath. I couldn't believe my eyes when Misty poured water over her head and Hope smiled and laughed, very proud of herself. We are so thankful for the help of Misty, Carmen, and Bethany in all they do for their beloved little sister. Her neice Sunnie helps out a lot too, but opted to not be in the bath tub photo.

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Anonymous said...

It just takes time and patience.
More miracles are down the road. Maybe, just maaybe the car seat will be next. Hope so anyway.
I have tried twice to send your e=mail for the addresses you wanted, but the mail delivery said your computer wouldn't take the email because it was off.
Remember time and patience will help all things.
Love to all.
Aunt Jan