Friday, October 26, 2007

Do you like the new title design??

I just designed a new title for our Little Girl's Blog. If you will notice there is an empty photo frame included in the title now. Guess what I plan to put in there? As soon as we get all the Little Girls information (whenever that might be) I will add her photo to the design!!

Cute Huh!!

The month of October is almost over which means that soon the matches will be sent from the CCAA. If they continue to match at the same rate they did over the last few months we will not get matched until December. There is some talk though in the internet adoption community that some agencies are expecting them to send out a higher number of matches this month.

We are sure hoping that will happen. Our agency has told us that they will attempt to get our travel in this year if we are matched in the month of November. That would be wonderful!! It would mean higher airline tickets and higher hotel bills but after waiting since May of 2005 I think we could handle that. To have her home by Christmas would be wonderful, although we could wind up having to travel during Christmas. I asked our girls what they would think if we were given the opportunity to go and get their little sister during the holidays and they all said GO!!

We have a tradition around our home on Christmas Eve. We turn on the Christmas tree lights, and light all the candles in the living room then Ronnie reads the Christmas story from the Bible. The grandchildren love it and so do our girls. One Christmas Eve a couple of years ago my Mom was very sick and not expected to live. Our girls drove up to OKC for the day and we enjoyed a different sort of Christmas Eve. They left in time to be home before bedtime and we suggested they stop by our house light the candles and then have one of the son-in-laws read the Christmas story. A few hours later we got a call and they told us they were at our house, that the candles and fireplace were burning and they wanted Ronnie to read the story over the phone so that we could all be together. Wow how special that was. We went down to the intensive care unit into my Mom's room and my neice Raina and nephew Garrett went with us. Here at home they put the phone on speaker and Ronnie read just like we were all together. I loved the fact that we were with Mom on her last Christmas Eve and that we were also able to continue our tradition and share that with her and my neice and nephew.

So we might have to do the same thing this year, except this year we might be calling from CHINA!! Of course the ideal thing would be to be home with our Little Girl by Christmas but if not we can still share in this precious tradition with our family.



amy said...

This is really cute!!!

Roy and Lori said...

Best wishes as you prepare
for your upcoming trip.It
won't be long now!!!

Roy and Lori said...

Hope you had a great weekend!