Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First Grade

Hope is in First Grade.  It seems like just yesterday we brought her home.  I suppose when you miss the first three years of a child’s life the next three just fly by.   She is so precious.  She is very sweet and kind.   She has packed a lot into the past three and one half years.   She mastered the English language without any structured teaching,  we worked with her but mostly it was just her curiosity and life with her nephews and nieces.   Being an Aunt at age three is full of fun.   Our grandchildren love her so much and have been blessed by her presence in our family just as her sisters and parents have.   We love you Hope Marie.   By the way she has already been chosen “Best Citizen” of the week by her teachers this year actually the first one of the year.  Last year she was Citizen of the Year for her class.   Listen to the song I have on the playlist here on this blog.  It is the perfect song for this sweet little girl.   I am so very thankful God decided to bless me with the pleasure of being  Mom to this precious angel.  I’m so glad we heard His voice when He asked us to begin this journey.



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