Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our School Girl…Learning So Much

We are amazed once again by Hope.  She loves school and is really learning so much.  The school system is wonderful and so good for the children.  The focus in grade K seems to be getting a good foundation in phonics and sight reading also they do learn a lot of math skills.  Hope can sound out almost any word.  She just blows me away.   I am so very proud of her.  She tries very hard and she understands the necessity of learning and loves loves loves reading books.  I read to her a lot and she is starting to want to read to me (which I love!!)  021411 012

This project is about the 100th day of school and learning to count to 100.  Hope worked very hard on the project.  She did it all except the hot glue.  I used the glue gun and she pushed all the beads into place.    It was really cute and my baby girl can count to 100!

One proud mom,


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