Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another Snow Day!!! Yeah!!!

Last week we had four snow days and now another one this week.  Hope and I really enjoyed our time together.  Since Audrey and Heath’s moms work in the school system it was just me and my baby girl hanging out and enjoying the beautiful snow.  Actually on Friday morning I defied all odds and successfully drove my car to pick up Sunnie Kay, Ben, Bethany and Audrey so they could all play in the snow together.  Funny thing, during the three years that Hope has been home every time it has snowed it did not work out for Hope and Sunnie to get to play in the snow together…so we changed that.  They really had some fun and hopefully Miss Hope Marie and I will get out a little later today and have a little more fun.020811 076











Hope was all smiles:)

Sweet little Audrey!020811 109

  Ben “busted it”  and Hope and Audrey thought it was real funny.020811 110 020811 120   

They even look like they are warm enough. 

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