Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Referral Day Memories

Three years ago today was referral day. It is hard to describe the emotions when you are about to down load a photo of a child that you have never seen but which will be your child just as surely as if you were in a hospital delivery room after nine months of pregnancy. We had been pregnant for three years and nine months. We didn't sleep too well the night before. We waited that morning for the call and finally the phone rang. Our agency rep greeted us and began telling us who our daughter was, her Chinese name, place of birth, age, weight, health, etc. I was being very business like, taking notes, asking questions and then the rep said that she was emailing a photo. She asked if we saw the attachment, we said yes and the picture started to fill the screeen slowly from  the top of her head and down. Her forehead seemed like it went on forever. Then I saw her eyes and once again I was a choked up Dad, trying not cry like a baby.

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Debbie Sauer said...

She is just beautiful. Merry Christmas Blessings