Friday, September 3, 2010

Week Two…And She Still Loves School

This has been emotionally exhausting for me.  Hope is doing great.  I on the other hand am doing  just ok.  I have prayed for her to be content, happy, independent, a good student and a good citizen.   Well my prayers have been answered and our sweet Hope is all that and more.  I suppose the hard part for me has been that two years and eight months is not the usual time a mom has with her babies before they go off to Kindergarten.  It seems like just yesterday we boarded that flight to China and brought home this precious gift from God.  Our family has been so very wonderful over the past couple of years and Hope has really packed five years of growing up an American Girl successfully into that time frame.  I was emotional when our older girls started school too.   So one thing I know is, she will continue to be just fine and my emotions will soon fade to a wonderful enjoyment of this new phase of growing up. 


I am so very thankful to be Hope’s mom.  I want the best for her and know that she is in a wonderful classroom environment with a couple of great teachers and she is so very smart.  I know that the stimulation of her mind by trained professionals will produce awesome results. 

But….still….I miss my baby!


001Our School Girl001We are so very very proud of you Hopie Marie!


By the way has anyone noticed the white arm band?  Want to know what is it and what it is for? 

Hope loves to snuggle with me in the rocking chair and smell the freshness of my T-shirts.   That arm band is made from one of my softest shirts and smells just like mom…she also carries a kiss on her hands  that she can rub on her cheek at anytime she needs to be near me…may sound silly to some but it works for our Hope.

January 14, 2008 in a very cold town called  Hefei in Anhui province in China an orphanage nanny walk a scared three year old Huai, Dong Tan over to us and as soon as I felt it was safe to touch her without scaring her I kissed her tiny little hand…she loved it then and still does today.  Then I whispered into her ear the words  I had planned to say to her for over two years.  “Jesus loves you and He sent me halfway around the world to be your Mommy forever”…I think this is the first time I have shared this but I think it is time…

A word to anyone who is reading this and is considering adoption.

“If you know that God has touched your heart with a desire to adopt…just do it…He will walk with you every step of the way.”

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