Monday, May 10, 2010

Easter 2010

Our Easter celebration this year was difficult. Good Friday is the day that Wade passed away and our family was dealing with shock and terrible grief. When a child is dealing with a stressful situation I think they need a bit of escape back to normal as often as can be arranged. Easter morning Hope found her basket full of goodies out in the yard...just like normal. That has been a tradition in our family from the time our girls were little. They would find a jelly bean trail that led them to their baskets or sometimes they would just stumble upon them gently guided by us.
Someone (I am not sure who it was...our friends and family were so precious during our grief) told me need to take Hope to church if you can. She needs to get to wear her new dress and that cute little hat. (Hope really really wanted a hat...of course I knew this was probably the last year she would even consider wearing one...needless to say...we got one) I know the Lord just carried me through that morning because I hardly remember anything except the dear friends at church who hugged me and whispered kind words to me, but Hope really needed to go.
Later in the day we went over to Grandma's for our annual family Easter Egg Hunt. It was a success for the children and gave us all even Misty a reason to smile a little. I remember how much Wade loved to hide the eggs. When a family loses someone the memories just seem to come flooding back...little things...that mean so very much.

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