Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hope Has An Announcement To Make

My Jie Jie is having a BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most of our friends and family already know about our Miracle and now that it is official we wanted to share with everyone. Jeff and Bethany are expecting a baby, much to the suprise of her doctors. It is a real miracle...a precious gift from God. We of course are thrilled and praying for an easy pregnancy and delivery for our sweet daughter whose fondest wish has always been to be a Mom. Jeff is going to be a wonderful father... I'm thinking the little one will own a set of golf clubs even before he/she is born!!!!!!

We love you Jeff and Bethany...and Buddy... and little baby!!


amy said...

Congrats and prayers coming your way

Anonymous said...

I am sooo glad. Tell Beth to mind the doctor well.
Since God has answered this part of our prayers, hopefully hewill see her thru with a good pregnancy.
Aunt Jan

Shawnstribe said...

wow,how fantastic!!!Congratulations, and we will add our prayers to yours : )

the scrappy chic said...

I am so excited for Jeff and Bethany!!!

Ronnie and Becky said...

Thanks for all the sweet comments.