Sunday, June 22, 2008

Father's Day ... Hope's First

Safe and secure in her Daddy's arms.
The first moment...The first touch... Our older daughters asked Jewell to capture Ronnie's expression .... they new just what he would look like.
After her first bath...

During her first visit with the Doctor our wonderful agency CCAI sent by to see her that first day. The next day on the way to make the adoption final... He bought her the first pair of shoes she ever owned... (the first of many!!!!)

I was overcome with emotion this Father's Day as I looked back at the past few months and remembered again what a wonderful father Hope has. On January 14, 2008 for the first time since she was found on the door step of the Civil Affairs Office in Huainan China on December 14, 2004 Hope became part of a forever family. Ronnie actually touched her before I did, he was in front when they walked the cutest little Chinese girl ever born over to us. During the long wait we imagined over and over how wonderful that moment would be but nothing we imagined even started to compare.

Ronnie is a wonderful father, our older daughters will be the first to agree with me. I wanted to share a few photos of Ronnie and Hope this special Father's Day. I'm sure the other girls will not be jealous of is such a precious time for their little sister.

You may have seen a couple of these previously on the blog but they also belong here on this post on this Hope Marie's first Fathers Day. The top photo is my favorite one. I believe it captures the essence of their bond. Ronnie spent about 3 and 1/2 months working evenings so that he could spend time with Hope during the day and it really paid off for him. She is so very attached to him.


amy said...

what a beautiful post. That top photo needs to be framed!!!

Once again, just precious

amy said...

what a beautiful post. That top photo needs to be framed!!!

Once again, just precious

the scrappy chic said...

Hope is a lucky little girl!

Tonya said...

I follow this blog regularly and from what I have seen your right he is a wonderful father. He so loves that littl girl.

Anonymous said...

Hope is just one of 4 very lucky girls and one lucky mom.
Aunt Jan