Thursday, November 1, 2007

Referrals May Arrive Tomorrow

It appears that the cut off for November's referrals is December 8, 2005. A couple of days ago we heard that we had probably missed the cutoff and I was a little upset. I did not realize I had convinced myself that the CCAA would make it the 9th. I was really only upset for about an hour. I wasn't as much upset as I was shocked. I have guarded my heart for so long and felt a little silly. God's timing is always perfect and we trust Him completely.

One thing is certain, if the cut off is December 8th then we can safely say WE ARE NEXT. The only way we would miss out in the December referral batch would be if they had misplaced our file or if they did not send out any at all.

I have 6 weeks of vacation time I need to take before December 31st. I have saved it up all year and have to take it or loose it. (I think that is one reason I had pinned my hopes on getting matched this month) I really do need some time off. I have only taken 5 days this year and they were taken 1 day at a time...I really need a break. It will be good to have lots of time to get prepared for our trip to China. We are making some progress on her room. Today I got the fabric I ordered for the curtains in her room. It is black and white check taffeta. The checks are a little smaller than I thought they would be but it will be perfect.

Hopefully before the 2 year anniversary of our Log in Date we will know what our little girl looks like and how old she is. Wow...that is exciting and simply wonderful. We are so thankful for the faithfulness of God through this long, long, process. The end result is what matters and even though we are a couple of years older than we thought we would be nothing has changed for us. We are more committed to raising and loving her every day. She will be such a blessing to us and I do believe we will be a blessing to her.

Check back tomorrow night. If referrals arrive I will create some links to some of the early December babies. Ben and Carla are still in China with their beautiful little baby girl Lily and beautiful daughter Marley...big brother Luke is waiting patiently at home for his new sister. There is a link to their blog on the right side of this page. The pictures are great!!



amy said...

Cant wait to celebrate that referral with you...So glad you are next

Michelle & John said...

What an awesome thought...YOUR ARE NEXT!!! WooHoo! Hope you'll count this next month as a blessing and use it to complete all the things on your list!!!! I look so forward to being NEXT!!!