Monday, November 26, 2007

December Is Just A Few Days Away!!

We should hear something from our agency in early December. Oh my!! We are so excited. Usually around this time each month we start to hear a few rumors about what the cut off date will be. Although we were really hoping for our referral last month, it has been nice knowing that our date will be included this month since they stopped at December 8, 2005 last month.

Since our adoption application was approved in early May of 2005 we have had quite a long wait to see our little girls face. Every day we have thought of her and prayed for her and are looking forward to the day that our agency calls to tell us our wait to see her is over. They will tell us a little about her and email her picture to us during the phone call. The next step will be returning our acceptance to the CCAA in China. We will then be waiting for our "Travel Approval" from China and our "Consulate Appointment" with the American Embassy in order to plan our trip and bring our little girl home. Usually families travel within 2 months of getting their child referral. That sounds so nice. All the planning, waiting, paperwork and excitement are leading us to our ultimate goal of sharing our day to day lives with the precious little girl the Lord has caused the CCAA to match us with.

Waiting with Hope and anticipation for referrals to arrive soon!!!!!!!!!



amy said...

Looking forward to seeing that sweet face..How exciting!

Prue said...

You write very well.