Monday, September 3, 2007

Ben and Carla's LID is IN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations Ben, Carla, Marley, and Luke. We are so excited for you. This long wait is almost over for your family, and Mei will soon be home with her forever family. We know you must be a little nervous about everything until the adoption agency actually makes the CALL to give you all the information about your little girl. What a blessed family and blessed little girl!

The CCAA posted today that they matched through November 25. Ben's familys LID is November 24th, so unless something weird happens Ben and Carla will get a call sometime Tuesday or more likely Wednesday with all the information about their little girl. When the CCAA says matched before a certain date...that date is included.

What the means for us? Well it's really hard to say except this leaves us at 14 days away when you count the LID dates between November 26 and December 9. We will most likely not get matched in October and now since they only did 4 days this month we may not make November's referrals. If we were to get matched in November we might have her home by Christmas but that is not really very likely. We could be in China at Christmas. We are not discouraged one bit! We will be matched to the perfect little girl when God's time is perfect.

Thanks Rumor Queen for making that little CCAA box so easy to add to our post!

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amy said...

I dont know Ben and Carla but I am thrilled for them!! Your wait is almost over!