Friday, August 31, 2007


"O magnify the Lord with me and let us exalt his name together."

Psalm 35:3

Today is our 34th Anniversary and I am so thankful for you Ronnie. I love you more every day!

What a wonderful day to read an exciting "rumor" on the Rumor Queen website. If you are not familiar with this site, I have referred to it several times previously. It is sort of gathering place for adoptive families on the internet. Rumor Queen has a lot of contacts, keeps up with all the chat groups and different sources out there. Then she takes the time to analyze and research what she hears and shares that on her website. She is careful to inform the readers that these are rumors. She has a scale that rates the information and it goes from R1 to R5. At an R4 she puts her reputation on the line and R5 is pretty much a fact. Well, this morning she is giving an R3 1/2 to a statement from a European Agency that some of December 2005 LID's will be included in the September batch that should come out early next week.

OH MY!! If this "rumor" becomes a fact then that would mean our chances of getting matched with our little girl in October are much greater. Our LID is 12-09-05 so we once again have HOPE of having her home with us before Christmas. Also we both have several weeks of vacation saved up that we will need to use by the end of this year. If we have to wait to travel in early '08 then we will be using up next years vacation time early in the year after having just used up our '07 time. Despite all the above I trust the Lord and His timing in this journey of a lifetime. He knows and loves our little girl even now so we put all our Hope and Faith in Him.



amy said...

Oh I hope its true. Watching families grow makes our wait just a bit easier..

RoLo said...

We are also Dec 9/05 LID. This weekends rumour are really hard to take, I hope we find out some news soon.