Tuesday, June 5, 2007

It's That Time Again!!!!!!!

Referrals have started arriving in the USA for families who have early November 2005 Log In Dates. We are not sure yet what the cut off date is but so far we have not read about any referrals past November 7, 2005. As always we try to look on the bright side and remember a couple of months ago when they only referred 2 days. If the cut off is November 7 then that will be 2 months in a row that they referred only 6 days. If this trend continues then we should be receiving our referral in early December. Quite a change from about 3 months ago when we were thinking August or September. One thing we try to remember is that with International Adoption things can quickly change. We could actually get our referral earlier than expected or later.

We know that our timing is in the Lords Hands so for now we continue to wait!


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