Monday, March 5, 2007

Referrals have arrived in the USA

The China Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA) has sent out the next batch of referrals. They started arriving in the US today. The cut off date for this batch is October 24. That is not as many days as we were hoping for. We were hoping they would get through most of October. Unless they get through quite a few in the next batch it will probably add another month to our wait. It is always disappointing when they send out less than we had hoped but that does not change our committment...we will continue to wait, plan, and pray. Our little girl is waiting for us and we will see her soon.

Each month I love to look at the possible scenerios for getting our referral. They only matched through October 24 and we know that the end of October and all of November are large LIDs (Thanks to the Rumor Queen and the Polls that she does to try and help us waiting families know where we stand). The next batch of referrals should come out at the end of this month or the first of next month and could go as far as into early November. Assuming they match at least 11 days going forward the upcoming months could look like this:

Late March/Early April Batch November 4
Late April/Early May November 15
Late May/Early June November 26 (YEAH Ben and Carla would be included)
Late June/Early July December 7
Late July/Early August December 18 (WE would be INCLUDED)

So if they continue to refer at least 11 days and one month they refer 13 days (or any combination that equals at least 11 days for 3 months and 13 for one month)we will get our referral in late June or early July...and that family and friends would be WONDERFUL!

Our Adoption Agency CCAI (Chinese Children Adoption International) has given us a very similar timeline. We really appreciate them and all the help and support they give us. They always are honest with us and encourage us. That is what you want in an Agency. So if it seems like I am recommending them I am. Just in case you ever feel like you may need a Chinese Adoption Agency!!!

Tomorrow I will try to post some links to pictures of Precious Little Ones who now have been matched up with forever families.


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