Sunday, March 17, 2013

January 2013

We enjoyed ourselves on New Years Eve.   Our older girls and some of the grandchildren always come over and we play games.  We really had a great time and our friend Sabrina and her three beautiful children are always here on New Years … it’s a tradition that we cherish.  Carmen and Sabrina were in nursery class together when they were babies and have been the best of friends ever since.  Our families are friends and it is a really special relationship.  Carmen and Sabrina were actually each others Maid of Honor at their weddings.  Actually Carmen was Sabrina’s Matron of Honor but that just sounds old doesn’t it.

January here on Wolfhill was cold and a we got some rain.  We need IMG_4522rain.  Hope is enjoying second grade and has gotten all A’s this year so far.  She loves to read and that really makes most other subjects so much easier.  She does struggle with math…I think she got that from me, but she does very well and tries hard.  This girl really wants to succeed at what ever she tries.  January was also the month for Little Dribblers Basketball and Hope LOVES basketball. Her team did really well.   She played hard and scored points for the team several times.   We were all so tickled whenever it was time for the game to start, Hope always started jumping …I mean JUMPING and JUMPING and JUMPING.  She reminded me of Tigger in Winnie the Pooh. 

January also is time for Hopie’s yearly checkup.  Her Dr is a family friend it really feels good when you know your daughter’s wonderful pediatrician also loves her.(He loves all his patients…he is just that kind of man)  He is so special to us.  He saved her life when we first brought her home from China.  She was very ill,  dehydrated, and had pneumonia.  We were so scared, exhausted, jet lagged and had spent about  twenty four more hours traveling than was planned, with an unexpected layover in San Francisco where we spent the entire night in the ER with Hope getting IV’s and antibiotics so when I saw Dr. Tim I finally just turned loose and cried. Now she loves him too…that first day in 2008 she was not so sure.IMG_4572

Enough about January… now on to February…I still have most of 2012 to catch up on, just thought that might never happen so I started with 2013.

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