Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gotcha Day (2 years later)

January 14 2008 was a wonderful day. Hope was very scared and upset for a while, she learned quickly that we loved her and had us wrapped around her little finger before we knew what was happening. I will never forget the moment I first got a glimpse of her.

Ronnie's expression tells it all. I could not take my eyes off of her. We actually saw her across the room toddling around before they walked her over to us...we have a video I'll post someday where you can hear me crying at the sight of her. Happy tears!!

Hope wearing her "Gotcha Day" clothes (well one layer of them). The outfit was quite big as you can see in the photos, both the top and bottom were rolled up quite a bit. The photos here were some that we took for our Christmas card this year. We were afraid she would not put the clothes back on but she did for the first time wear them again...I think we may go have some photos taken if I can get her back into it.

One happy little girl...Our precious Hope Marie...almost 2 years later!

" Thank you Lord for bringing her into our lives"


Anonymous said...


What is the name of the person handing over Hope on Gotcha Day? That is the same person who handed over our daughter to us (we weren't sure if this person was a woman or man).

Ronnie and Becky said...

A lady, very sweet and kind. We were also not sure at first. Sorry I forgot her name...I may have it somewhere check back later...I'll ask Ronnie if he remembers.