Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Hope Marie

Hope meets Ivy. Daddy and Hope checking out the dolls at the American Girl Store

Caleb and Tyler did not know they would be visiting a DOLL store...Caleb called a friend (girl) on the phone and said "You will never guess where I am" Thanks helped make this day very special for Hope even though you were a bit embarrassed while we roamed around this fun girl store!

We can't wait to get down there and skate around that BIG tree.
That tree really is big mom

Three beautiful sisters... Misty Hope and Bethany.
A sleepy little little to skate so she just rested!! Beautiful birthday cakes for a beautiful little girl.

One top of everything else ... PRESENTS!
Not long after we brought Hope home from China we celebrated a couple of family birthdays. That started an excitement for birthday parties in her world. She really LOVES doesn't matter if it is her party or a party for someone else.

December 12 was Hope Marie's fifth birthday. How can that be? My baby already 5 years old! Anyway Hope was true to form with her excitement. The build up to the day was a lot of fun. She talked about every aspect of our plans over and over and over.

The day started out with a trip to the Galleria in Dallas to Ice Skate around the Big Tree...even though we knew it would be very crowded we decided to go on her birthday to make it more special for her. Another bit of excitement planned for the day was a trip to the American Girl Store for our little American girl. Hope had a wonderful day and then that evening we had a family party for her which she loved loved loved.

We love you Hopie and wish you many many Happy Birthdays...

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Les Dzettes said...

Joyeux annoversaire jolie demoiselle!
Du bonheur pour l'éternité pour toi et tous ceux que tu aimes