Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009 - The Cutest Little Ladybug In Texas

She really was the "Cutest Little Ladybug In Texas" this halloween...I'm sure there may be other moms who would disagree with me...
Hope had great fun this year. She loved getting dressed up and instead of saying "Trick or Treat" She insisted on saying "Thank you for some candy please" Isn't that just too cute!
Ronnie bought her this halloween costume at Cracker Barrel. Funny, last year's costume was also from Cracker Barrel, we may just make that a tradition.

These pictures were taken at Bethany's on Halloween. The big question now is can I stand it until all that CANDY is gone? I think the best way to handle it is just let her go for it and eat as much as she wants until it is gone...I do try to limit it close to meal time. The sooner it is gone ...the better. Probably most parents feel the same way!
Check out the Wolfhill Site for other Halloween pictures we had a family party. Hot dogs and a hayride combined with smores and lots of candy was a recipe for fun!

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tonya said...

I've seen a lot of Lady Bugs in my day and your right she is the cutest...