Monday, October 19, 2009

She's Got Him Wrapped Around Her Little Finger

Of course she does...all of our daughters did. Ronnie is a wonderful father and Hope really really loves her Daddy or Dad as she has recently been saying. Actually it depends on what she is talking to him about. If it has anything to do with bringing her home some candy from work then she usually uses a very sweet southern drawl and makes sure Daddy is listening.
My rosebush is out of control and a summer storm really tore up our gate arbor. Ronnie promises to fix it...he will probably have lots of help from his sidekick...Hopie Marie


PS if anyone notices the blur in the upper left of these pictures...I broke another camera...yes camera number three bit the dust so to speak. It is no wonder when I keep hinting for a really really good camera (translated as an expensive Cannon with multiple lenses) I get nothing but this look from him...maybe I should get Hope to ask for me...she seems to get whatever she wants when she uses that "Daddy could you bring me home some candy" voice of hers!!

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