Saturday, April 26, 2008

Beautiful Texas Bluebonnets & Beautiful Texas Girls

First the FUN shots!!

My absolute favorite picture of them all.
See Miss Hopie really can smile!!

Beautiful Sunnie Kay
Beautiful Hope Marie

When one of them looked perfect the other was not even looking at the camera...cute anyway huh!!

Today Misty and I took pictures of Sunnie and Hope in the Texas Bluebonnets. It was quite an experience!! We have mentioned before how difficult a subject Miss Hope Marie about having her picture taken...and today was no exception but it was a lot of fun. She and Sunnie had a lot of fun and I will post quite a few of the pictures, but you cannot imagine how many times we said "Hey Hope look here" or "Hey Hope smile for Mom."

Sunnie is so very cooperative and is always smiling but occasionally as you will see even Sunnie was a little off in a couple pics. I am going to add a few where one of them looks sooooooo cute and the other a little silly or in Hope's case not smiling.

Hope is really a very happy little girl and does smile a lot it is just very difficult to catch that smile when she knows you have a camera!!!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures!
Sorry I missed visiting with you all yesterday, but the pictures make up for it.
Had a real good visit with Vicki and enjoyed my day out since now I have two ailing ones to look after.
Love to all and keep up the good work being a new and good mom.
Aunt Jan

Tonya said...

I like the last one n the post where they are both looking at the buttercup. So very sweet.


Shawnstribe said...

what awesome photos, your girls are truly stunning.
Its nearly 5 months since we all came home, and what a wonderful time it has been.
Take care
Shawn and Aila Mei