Saturday, July 21, 2007

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting...

Caleb Tyler
Caleb, Tyler and our daughter Carmen

The next few months will be pretty busy for us as we wait, wait, and wait a little longer. We still have a lot to do. We need to finish our Little Girl's room. We still do not know if we need a "Big Girl" bed or a "Little Girl" bed. The other day when we read on the RQ website that there was a rumor out there that there could be a bit of a speed up Ronnie said "Oh well I work better under pressure." You would think that with 2 years of waiting we would have that room ready!

I thought it would be fun to post a little about the things we do with our time!! We are in a wonderful place in our lives. We have a great family that lives really close and we get to spend time with at least some of them each day.

Almost everyday Ronnie and some of the kids go on a bike ride. If it's late when Ronnie is finished with the work at the barn then it is a short ride, if they have more time they might actually ride 2 or 3 miles. It is really creating some wonderful memories and bonds with the grandkids. Ronnie taught Sunnie to ride this past winter and spring and now there is no stopping her. He is looking forward to the future when he can teach another special little girl to ride.

Enjoy the pictures!


amy said...

What lovely pics of a beautiful family. and I know you are creating wonderful memories

Ben and Carla said...

Great pictures! I like the video. The RQ is getting my hopes up for a next month match. I shouldn't have looked!

Love to all,

Ben and Carla said...

Hey! I've been thinking about it and I vote for Jami Hope. Or, to throw a wrinkle in things, I like the name Ronni Hope. Just stirrin' it up a little. Anyway, tell everyone, "Hello!"

Love and prayers,

Ronnie and Becky said...

Hi, Ben and Carla
We have really been thinking about the 2 name combinations you mentioned....... I like Ronni Hope!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love Ronnie's stories. I think the name Jami Marie or Junie.
Also like the name Willow different.