Thursday, December 28, 2006


Relatives and friends have already blessed our little girl with several gifts. I keep them in a basket and it is beginning to overflow.

I bought the little lamb right after we were approved to adopt. It plays "Jesus Loves Me". I also bought her the denim hat with red and white checked brim.

Two books from friends at work. Autumn gave her a book called "Our Chosen Child" and Sonja gave her the book called "Love You Forever". Both are so sweet and mean so much.

My Mom who passed away last year right after Christmas bought her the little Cabbage Patch Kids doll for Christmas. What a Treasure !

Now for the Longhorn's hats. Ronnie insists that when she steps onto American soil for the first time she will be wearing a Longhorn's hat. She will become an American citizen at that moment. Since we do not yet know how old she is she has 2 of those. Her Aunt Patty and Uncle Red gave her the little girls size hat on the right and her sister Misty bought the infant size hat on the left.

The little duck and the awesome book "I Love You Like Crazy Cakes" are gifts from her sister Bethany.

The pink Tee Shirt is something Sunnie and I bought on our family vacation to Roaring River State Park in Missouri last year.

Thank you everyone!

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